Super High-Sensitivity Threshold Detector

Features: Very Low Power
Operates from single 5V DC Supply
Super Fast Response
Very Wide Dynamic Range
Applications:       Lab work or Off Air Signal Detection
High Speed Data Processing
Battery Operated Devices requiring small size and low power
Frequency Range 0.25 to 0.75 GHz
Dynamic Range       Setting


-40 to -25 dBm

-36 to +10 dBm

Flatness ±0.6 dB max
DC Supply +5 ±0.5V (excluding load) @ 60 mA max (180 mw)
Max Input Level +18 dBm

Environmental Conditions:


Operating Temperature: -40 to +85°C

Storage Temperature: -40 to +100°C


Material:  SS303

Finish:     Gold Plating



Pulse Response: 50 nsec P.W. to CW
Propagation Delay: 15 nsec max
Pulse Stretching: 100 nsec max
Output : TTL, Drives 50 ohm load
Threshold Uncertainty: ±0.5 dB max
* Threshold Setting: 0 to 2 V
VSWR: 2.5:1 max
* Threshold Setting is set internally to minimum. No need to use it unless there is excessive front end noise       or you need less Pulse stretching @ the cost of slightly lower sensitivity.
These units offer DC Reverse Voltage Protection


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