Advanced Microwave, Inc. is a manufacturer of analog, RF, microwave and signal processing components and subsystems. In addition to our standard products, we design and manufacture built-to-print products in small or large quantities.

Commercial Products

Our  Commercial Products  division covers devices for wireless, fiber optic, and test/measurement applications:


Wide selection covering a frequency range of 1.5GHz to 44.0+GHz
Double and Triple Balanced
Modulators and Image Reject
Multipliers and Doublers


Covering frequency ranges from 10MHz to 42GHz
High Power to 10 watts
Wideband Low Noise
Wideband Power


Covering frequency ranges from 0.1 to 40GHz


Up/Down Converters
Single Sideband Modulators


Power Divider/Combiners
90° Couplers

Military Electronics Products

Our  Military Electronics Products  division covers devices using state-of-the-art thin-film technology: We offer the world’s smallest product with extremely high performance in terms of electrical and environmental conditions concerns.

Since Advanced Microwave, Inc. has all of the basic building blocks, our future emphasis will be on  vertical integration of subsystems  per customer requirements.

We specialize in custom products.

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