Zero-Biased Schottky Diode Detectors

Features: Excellent Frequency Flatness
Extremely Wideband
No Bias Required

•   The Zero-Biased Schottky Diode Detector is ideal for applications where an accurate power measurement is needed over a wide frequency range for CW or pulsed signal.


Model Frequency Range (GHz) VSWR max. Flatness (±dB) K Factor mV/mW TSS (dBm) Output Capacitance (PF)
ZSD3001 0.01 – 18.0 1.5:1 0.6 500 -48 50
ZSD-218 0.2 – 18.0 1.5:1 0.6 500 -48 20
ZSD-1840 18 – 40.0 2.0:1 1.0 400 -45 20
ZSD3236P 35 ±1 GHz 1.7:1 0.6 300 -44

•  TSS is based on 1MHz video bandwidth and a 3dB Noise Figure Amplifier.
•  ZSD-1840 offers K-F input connector.


Ordering information:
• Negative output polarity is standard; add P to the end of the model number for positive output. Add outline letter to the model number.
•  Standard input/output connectors are SMA-F (or K-F).
• Add “A” to the model for input SMA-M, output SMA-F (For ZSD-1840 would be input K connector).
• Add “B” to the model for input SMA-F, output SMA-M (For ZSD-1840 would be input K connector).

Maximum Ratings: Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature: -55°C to +150°C
Shock: 50 G. 11 msec.
Vibration: 20 G. 100 to 2000 Hz


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