Frequency Range 2 to 18 GHz Max Input Level: +20 dBm CW
Duty Cycle: Stable within 2µsec of the next
Frequency Flatness ±2.0 dB Video Output Drive: Through 250 ft, 75 ohm cable (RG11)
Droop:  70 mV max down to -65dBm
Signal Capability Pulse (100 ns to 300 ns)  Pulse on CW Input VSWR:  2.0:1 max
The presence of CW measurement Up to -40 dBm CW level, threshold set @400mV <50 FA/Sec Power Supply:  15VDC @ 400mA max

-15VDC @ 150mA max

Peak Pulse Amplitude Loss CW and pulse peak amplitude levels,

-50dBm: no loss

-40dBm: 1.5dB max

CW>-40dBm: stable pulse on CW

Operating Temp: -20 to +85°C
Finish: Per MIL-C-85285A, color: gray
TSS -72dBm for 20 MHz video bandwidth Environmental Stress Screening, ESS


(1)           Stabilization Bake: 48 hrs at 85C.


(2)           Thermal Shock per MIL-T=STD-202 Method 107; -20 to +85°C, 30 min dwell time at each temp; 15 sec transfer time; 10 cycles.


(3)           Temp Cycling: -20 to +85C, DC power on at 3C/min; 10 cycles.


(4)           Random Vibration: 16.8 RMS in the axis (perpendicular to the mounting axis) for 15 min.

Log Dynamic Range -66 dBm to 5 dBm
Log Slope 70 mV/dB nom.
Log Linearity ±1.0 dB max
Video Output @ -66 dBm 350 ± 140 mV
Output Characteristic DC offset: ±70 mV max,

Noise level: 70 mV, RMS max (w/o RF)

 Log Accuracy from 70 mV/dB ±2.0 dB max over Freq. Band

±2.5 dB max over Freq. & temp.

Matching vs Frequency & Temperature ±1.5 dB max for a set of  6 pieces @ -60,

-40 & -20 dBm

Output Rise Time 25 nSec max
Settling Time 50 ns (10% output to ±0.5 dB of final value)
Recovery Time (±1.0 dB) 500 ns typ measured from 90% trailing edge of 10 s to next -65 dBm pulse peak
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