Network Radar Receiver

Features: Receives video signal through long cable
Remote monitoring capability via Ethernet
Digitized output to 8-bit
DC supply for RADAR receiver
Digital data output covering a wide dynamic range
Offers wide range of AC input for military and commercial
Applications: Monitoring signal strength of detector log amp. using any computer
8-bit digital format output for further processing signal strength and data
Digital format output for data collection over a wide dynamic range of receivers
Test set for surveying airwave and calibration
Video Input speed Up to 20 MHz Power supply input 90 to 250 V AC 50/60 Hz
Cable Length
(Must be terminated with the same impedance of the cable @VID in.)
Up to 250 ft. Regulated Output +12V 700 mA Max.
-12V 250 mA Max.
Audio Alarm Out
Goes on > 80% of signal
10W into 8 ohms
I/O ports RJ45 ethernet (USB 2.0 w/ adapter) Operating Room Temp. -20 to 70°C
I/O speed RJ45 10 Mbps Storage Temperatures -40 to 85°C
Optional USB 2.0 10 Mbps This unit optionally comes with 1U rack mount.
Data Out 60 Mbps App Note #114 for more detail.
Data/Level Out 8 bits, 30 Mbps All digital outputs are TTL compatible
Capture instantaneous pulse measurement down to 40 nano sec.
Hold time to 1%: 100 Micro sec. Min
Monitor screen shot consists of bar graph representing signal strength
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