Low-Noise Amplifiers WLA2063-2A


Features: Frequency range 2.1 to 3.1 GHz Operating Case Temperature: -10 – +60 °C
All amplifiers offer internal regulator and DC reverse voltage protection Power Supply Voltage: +11 to +16V
Model WLA2063-3A
Frequency 2.1 to 3.1 GHz
Input Range -30 to -5 dBm
Output +10 ±1.0dBm (2.1 to 3.1GHz)
Noise figure 2.0 dB typ
Output PWR Charge * @ any point @ ‘+25°C over temp ±0.25 dB max ±0.35 dB
Flatness over ±0.25 dB max @ room temp
Input dynamic range ±0.5 dB max over temp
Max Input w/o Damage +16 dBm
DC Supply +11 to +16V @ 120 mA max
Case Style AN

Operating Case Temperature: -10 to +60°C

Specifications are subject to change, slightly, due to semiconductor lot variation. Other specifications are also available (Contact Us).

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