Features:  Applications: 
• Super Compact • Communication Band
• All I/O ports on one side for easy installation • Custom made for uncommon bands
• Offer a wide choice of frequency options • Military application
• Rugged construction • Wide RF bandwidth
• Excellent phase noise • Excellent Linearity Can be used for multitone or pulse amplitude application
• Can accept, FM,AM QPSK, BPSK, QAM modulation systems
Frequency        RF out
Various bands   IF in
4-22 GHz
1-4 GHz
Phase noise

@ 100 Hz
@ 1 KHz
@ 10 Khz

RF< 8 GHz      RF>8 GHz

-85 dBc/Hz      -79 dBc/Hz
-87 dBc/Hz      -81 dBc/Hz
-89 dBc/Hz      -83 dBc/Hz

Band width Up to 4% IF Bw
Passband Ripple ± 0.2 dB / 10 MHz
± 1.5 dB over full bandwidth
Gain 40 dB min Environmental Conditions:

Operating Case Temp: -40 to +60ºC
Non- Operating Temp: -40 to +85ºC
Altitude: up to 20,000 ft
Relative Humidity 95%

RF Image Reject 40 dB min
LO Leakage ( @ output power + 10 dBm) 40 dBc
All Spurious Response (in band) 60 dBc This product offers programmable RF output for any fixed IF input with any operating system

Step Size:  1 KHZ (for <8GHz)
2 KHZ (for >8 GHz)

VSWR all ports 2.0:1 max
Output PWR      * + 14 dBm (Standard)
IP3 + 20 dBm For USB control:
REF: 300264-12



Noise Figure 5 dB Max
Lock indicator TTL 1 Note: Wider RF BW requires higher IF frequency
DC Supply +11 to + 16V 1A max
1.6A for 1 W output
This product offers internal regulator and reverse
voltage protection.
External (Reference)    ** 10.00 MHZ
0 to ± 5 dBm
Internal Ref accuracy 0.05 PPM (optional) Export Status EAR99

* Up to 1 watt output optional
** Internal reference is optional , with internal reference a SMA output port (0 ± 2 dBm) is Provided to sink other sources.

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